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What size do you usually get from o-mighty? I love their stuff, but I am afraid to buy it. I am usually a small, but I have a feeling they run small or something. What do you get in shirts and bottoms?

Asked by inadequate-inkslinger

Just answered this :) size up my dear. They’re stuff is for stick figures I swear lol. A lot of the stuff I have from them is wayyyy too small. I need to start getting mediums.

sorry if this is a weird question, but how accurate is the o-mighty sizing? im quite a tall person but also rather on the skinny side, and i was wondering if you knew how small the xs/s is or how big the m/l is? thank you if you answer this šŸ’

Asked by crystalm0th

I get asked this a lot. Honestly if you are buying from them I would always size up. There products run really small and you run the risk of muffin top or some other fashion sizing faux pas