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my GOODNESS, you just *ARE* !!! love at first sight!!! and your page banner gives me the most life!!

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thank you so much bb!! I love that banner too!! makes me smile that someone else does!! <3

EYYY man check out the track on my page, "Superstar" it's a real dope track by two rappers from CT! It's worth the peep!!! Drop some comments!

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yall check this out!! <3

Hope this isn't too random or weird but I really love your looks/style and I've recently been inspired to start my own fashion blog! I really just wanted to tell you how much I love your looks though haha.

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awww thank you and no its not random or weird just much appreciated!! and good luck on your blog!! <3

Maaaan dawg….it’s been a minute since my last post. Many apologies, I’ve been having technical difficulties pretty much all year. BOOOO. My hard drive just broke with ALLLL my pics and music on it :,( And now my computer has started to give up on me as well. Still gotta keep it pushin tho. You things to make room for new things <3

On to the LOOK: Bruce Lee is poppin!!

Get my Bruce Lee Outfit from

Tank Top -

Booty Shorts -

My shoes are vintage 90’s Luichiny Platforms that I so luckily found on an etsy shop.

Flower crown from Forever 21

And the Bag is by J-Co Los Angeles

My new doggy Butters made an appearance….he’s such a little weirdo. I inherited him after my Granmother passed a couple of weeks ago. He’s my new baby!!

I may post up a few more pics from this day….I like yellow

So, I know you said you've been corset training. Can you speak on the process and what it does?

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Yeah of course!! Well you first have to get the right kind of corset. It has to be steel boned because as your cinching you don’t want to break the boning or tear the corset. They’re slightly more expensive but if you search on amazon you’ll find some really good deals.

Second, it doesn’t work unless you are also dieting and exercising. I went on the Paleo Diet which consists of only meat vegetables and fruit. Absolutely no processed foods at all (much harder than it sounds). And I work out (well when I’m on my routine) at least five days a week.

I waist trying about 5-7 hours everyday which is super low. I should probably do longer but as you can tell not as serious as I want to be. And I pull in tighter about every few days. It really does work when you combine all three (diet,exercise, waist train)